: a little nudge on memorial day :

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer,¹ don’t waste it sitting at your computer like I’m doing. Go to the pool or the beach, the park, a garden, the porch, any place that isn’t enclosed. Just sit in the sunshine and breathe the fresh air if nothing else.

These are the days we pine for all winter long. Enjoy the living daylights out of them while you can. They refuse to linger, dammit. So, as a public service, I’ve provided a handy guide to summer activities, in case your ideas run dry.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going outside to fall off my bike. In the event of accident and / or injury, it’s been a pleasure and an honor to serve your blogging needs.

Have a swell holiday!

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¹ Gosh, I’m getting such a sense of  déjà vu here. Really, you, too? D’oh, right, this is a reblog from last year. I managed to make a couple minor adjustments, though, so there was a little effort involved. And, frankly, I only did that to postpone the likely catastrophe ahead: my maiden bike crash of the season. Pray for me.

16 thoughts on “: a little nudge on memorial day :

  1. I’d planned to do all of that on Memorial Day but it rained in my part of town so we went to the mall and walked around and I ate a frozen yoghurt and it was wonderful. Hopefully, there will be other days with better weather to do the other things.
    I just followed your blog.


    1. Oh, there are plenty of days of wonderful weather ahead; summer hasn’t officially started yet. Except in my little world :o) Thanks for the follow, I’ll try not to disappoint you — too often.


  2. thanks.really good advice.actually it’s really rainy right now in my country so i’m gonna enjoy it. thank you again💙💙

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  3. Have a lovely summer! Fortunately, it is winter here for me so I’ll continue writing in front of the fire while struggling to graduate high school

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  4. Wish I could but mother nature has decided to send us some rain. But yesterday was great, spent it on a horse farm celebrating my grandsons birthday!

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