: deciphering the covfefe tweet :

A Fake News Investigation

In an exclusive interview with the whirly girl, Donald Trump explained the circumstances surrounding his cryptic (and oddly foreshortened) twitter tirade in the wee small hours of last night. Here is his detailed account:

My babysitters told me, no more tweets. Stop the tweets. They demand to approve the tweets before I send the tweets. So I hid under the covers, started the best tweet ever, and got busted. They grabbed my tweeter. I held on. They yanked, I squeezed, buttons were pushed, covfefe happened. They’re mean, really very mean. I’m telling Vladdy.’

The end (for now) 

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11 responses to “: deciphering the covfefe tweet :”

  1. Yay, the inside story …

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    1. Has the UK withdrawn his invitation to visit yet?


      1. Not sure … to be honest, I’m keeping away from politics at present … fool’s paradise much nicer!

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  2. “… I have the biggest babysitters of anyone… really big… tremendous…”

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