: economic theory from a swimsuit model :

Way back when, before avarice controlled the world, people were kind and warmhearted. We need look no further for evidence than the field of medical research and Jonas Salk, the guy who developed the first effective polio vaccine. His achievement was, by any standard, awesome. What elevates the accomplishment to mind-blowing is the fact he chose not to patent it.

The dude walked away from an estimated $7 billion smackers. When he was asked why he hadn’t patented his discovery, Salk responded with, ‘could you patent the sun?’ That, right there, illustrates the alarming cultural shift we’ve experienced, the veering toward fiscal Darwinism and survival of the wealthiest. My little theory isn’t limited to pharmaceuticals, oh no, it’s in practice across all industries.

Life’s necessities — little things such as an education, doctor visits, childcare, toilet paper, banking fees — are priced extortionately high. They have us by the short hairs and they know it. So by the time we’re done paying for basic essentials, there’s nothing left for discretionary spending on items like clothes and shoes, manicures. Could that be why retailers — shopping malls, in general —  are having so much difficulty staying open?

The economy isn’t shrinking, income distribution is.

Okay, yes, this is a simplistic generalization, but considering the crap that gets passed off as factual these days, it’s flawless, unassailable logic. Hell, Trump calls himself a ‘details-oriented person’ and a ‘pretty smart guy.’ So calling myself an economist and a bitchin’ swimsuit model isn’t just reasonable, it’s dead accurate.

Stop laughing.

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  2. “The economy isn’t shrinking, income distribution is.”- this is so true! Distribution is the key word. Loved reading it; a great way to address a grave situation.

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