: the day I became a firework :

It was, appropriately enough, exactly one year ago: Independence Day, 2016.

I set off a dazzling display the likes of which I’d never before seen — stars and colors and kabooms — simply by crashing my bike into a tunnel wall. The sudden impact of head meeting concrete triggered a private Big Bang event you can’t imagine. My world burst into a shower of bright, sparkly, shooting stars and careening galaxies. I heard birds, too, cuckoos, I think. And I was stupefied, either by the glitziness of the spectacle or the pain, it was hard to tell.

Did you know you can hear bones break? You can and I did. Stepping on a breadstick, that’s how it sounded, but it felt like being impaled on a fence. So I sat very quietly, unblinking, and bled onto my t-shirt, my bicycle, my shorts and shoes, waiting for my friend to return with the car. I entertained myself with thoughts of the Three Stooges and Christopher Reeve and being bedridden.

Finally, after my friend strapped the bikes to the carrier, I very carefully squirmed into the passenger seat and pleaded to go home; he took me to the hospital, instead. You think you know somebody, right? Dirty sneak.

Thus began my 9-day odyssey tethered to a chest tube (punctured lung), morphine drip (broken shoulder and rib), IV (standard procedure), and leg compression (circulation). So the next time you’re cautioned to have a safe Fourth of July celebration, pay attention. I promise, the consequences of ignoring logic, reason and gravity are incredibly, horribly painful.

Please, use a little common sense and remember: life isn’t an episode of Jackass.

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30 thoughts on “: the day I became a firework :

  1. Oh yikes! Btw I was wondering if you’d be cool with me mentioning your Trump post on my blog? That day was legit filled with Trump related conversations and yeah. If not, all good! xx

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    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, I’m so glad you stopped by!

      Yeah, did I forget to mention embarrassed in the laundry list of injuries? There was that, too. What made the accident so bad was tearing around a sharp corner without using the brakes or good aim or any common sense.

      I did have a safe and fun holiday this year. I hope you did, as well. Come back again sometime!


    1. Aw, thanks :o) This year’s celebration was terrific. I and a couple friends watched the fireworks from my balcony. Which was a considerable improvement over last year’s chest tube insertion! Hope yours was great, too 🙃

      PS. Your pets are adorable!


    1. You don’t know what you’re missing. It’s fun and you get to meet lots of new people: good samaritans and nurses, x-ray technicians, doctors, physical therapists, more doctors, all sorts of nice people.

      To my great relief, I’m fully recovered and I’ve moved on to foot and knee injuries. Walking isn’t as easy as it looks … 🚶🏻‍♀️


  2. I thought people only made up this ‘seeing stars and birdies’ thingy from Tom and Jerry perhaps! But now, I think there must be at least some truth behind it

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