: on the road to success :

It’s a popular destination, success is. Everyone’s in a big rush to get there, get unpacked, and start enjoying the swanky accommodations. And who can blame them? There’s a hot tub and room service, vibrating beds, everything. However, the road isn’t well-marked. Between construction detours and confusing road signs, folks tend to get lost.

I sure did. I wound up on the road to ruin and kept on going, mistaking it for a short cut or the road less traveled when it was actually dense forest. As I zigged and zagged, blindly searching for an exit, though, I discovered a few things. Tips, really. Things I wish I’d known before starting the pilgrimage to damnation.

For instance, to be successful in the world of communications or business or life, you need a few essentials, such as a brain, a strategy, some skills, and a little luck. I’ve none of those and I’m just now noticing their absence. With the slow dawning of reality came a nasty case of bad mood and I haven’t suffered in silence. Oh, no, I went into a 72-hour huff, stewing and swearing, with a thunderous black cloud overhead. Society at large was forced into the role of innocent bystander.

As a result, I owe deep and sincere apologies ¹ to:

the slow-moving, finger-wagging woman I glared at in the Target parking lot.
the bored customer service rep I got lippy with on the phone.
every single driver I flipped off. Sometimes vehemently.
library visitors (and staff) within earshot of my muttered, yet colorful, language.
my stoic, forbearing old computer.
and, to cover my bases, anyone in a four block radius.

I’d no cause to be rude; my behavior was inexcusable. So please forgive this lapse in courtesy and civility. I assure you I’ll return once again to my usual good cheer. Any day now. Or month, at the outside.

copyright © 2017 the whirly girl

¹ I owe you an apology, as well. This, I’m sorry to say, is a reblog from 2016. It seems I’ve fallen behind and can’t catch up. Help!

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  1. I’m afraid someone made the hedges much to high in my maze. As an added bonus those hedges house wasps that love to torment me. I confess my language has become a lot more colourful and a shade (perhaps a couple of shades) to loud lately.

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