: the diva in your pocket :

Speaking of narcissists, if we were all as temperamental and high-strung as the smartphones we ferry around, the world would be unbearable. Nothing would get done. Ever. Our lone activities would be clamoring for attention and throwing tantrums: look at me, look at me, listen, pick me up, talk to me, watch this, yoohoo, ring, ring, look at me, dammit.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with the constant demands.

Just the other day I skipped outside with a book and my cellphone, planning to indulge in a little summertime bliss. I planted myself on a sunny bench, cranked up iTunes, leaned back, and tumbled headlong into Spoonbenders. I crave such moments. Gone are the days when I needed excitement and thrills and drama, I’m surprisingly content with predictable. It’s downright comforting.

The weather alone would have been joyous enough, so the book was icing on the cake. It swept me into another dimension altogether, one with a rollicking soundtrack. I read page after page, enchanted by the story and the characters in a mellow atmosphere. Until the music stopped. Abruptly. Without warning, mid-note. What the Hell?

I picked up the phone. I looked at the screen. And lost all respect for my device right then and there. Seriously? It can’t cope with a little sunshine? What a flipping prima donna. You know, I’m a pretty sophisticated piece of technology in my own right — we all are — and I don’t shut down when I’m hot. No one does. Drop us like a bad habit, toss us in the tub, and we’ll carry on.

Not the smartphone. Oh, no. It gets put on a pedestal and worshipped like royalty. Heck, I’m surprised it isn’t carted around on a pillow and attended by servants. The thing only has to peep or chirp and every head turns. We rush to gaze at it, find out what it wants, feverish to soothe its every whim.

Now, ready for the really sick part? I want a gig like that.

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  1. This seems a fair verdict. I totally agree with you and that is one of the things differentiate us and the technology devices. We don’t have a restart button to power us up again in a few moments instead we are expected to and we do carry on with our lives. This shows how much stronger and far better we are than the devices we created who do not need special treatment in their lives to get back up every single time we fall.

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  2. Haha I loved this! Never thought to look at my phone as a person before… now I feel kinda bad for how I treat it. I’m one of those types who seriously neglects her phone. I’ll leave it dead for days at a time or if I just don’t want to talk to someone/anyone, I’ll turn my phone on silent and leave it on it’s face so I can’t *see* the notifications (although, I do wish I could do that last part to actual people every now and then). Ignorance is bliss! I’m not antisocial… I swear!

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    1. I’m so with you! I either forget to check my phone or, sure, avoid it altogether. It’s stressful being connected 24/7, so I unplug myself mentally. Someday I’ll have to remember to plug back in :o)

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  3. You actually will implode, or explode, or melt down, or (insert favorite form of yeeccchhhh! here) if you get too hot. your threshold might be a tad higher than you phone, but it’s all a matter of degree…
    (See what I did there…?)

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  4. But I threw a tantrum and eagerly sought attention just the other day… I also can’t cope with or in hot weather… Bloody hell, I’m an iPhone. I always knew there was something different about me.

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  5. Don’t be too hard on the little thing, Whirly Girl. Are you too young to remember when a computer was the size of a room and needed air conditioning to function at all? Today’s smartphones pack more power and rarely need to cool off. That’s a minor miracle. Not as miraculous as people, of course, but even humans shut down if it gets too hot. Give the little tyke a break!

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    1. As much as I hate to admit it, I love my phone. Sure, I get cheesed with it sometimes, but I couldn’t live without it. That thing is a marvel. And a headache 🎭


  6. This sadly and painfully true. I have serious issues with this era of the smartphone. I tend to let my phone STAY dead for sometimes days at a time just to get that pressure off of me. I mean if there’s an emergency, they can always call my hubby. But it feels AMAZING every now and then to just SHUT IT OFF or let it BE DEAD! I’m telling you…

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    1. I’m pretty dependent on my phone, no question. But I’ll sometimes leave it behind for the day, just so I don’t have to deal with it. Or because I, you know, forgot it. One or the other :o)

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    2. Yeah I’ve been suffering in the same vein. I feel like it rewired my brain to be dependent on it. It’s like a sick reverse Stockholm syndrome.

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  7. Oh yeah. I can relate. I just wish I could give this a 5-star rating instead of just a measly 1-star “Like”. Let me drop everthing and rush right out to get that for you.

    . . . . . . . . .. .. … ….. ……….

    Here you go, Your Highness!

    * * * * *

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  8. We are a slave to them aren’t we. Unfortunately if you ignore that particular warning they say the dang thing will have a melt down. Literally. There are all kinds of nasty photos on the internet of what happens when your phone explodes. Just don’t look for them before your phone cools off.

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