: feel weak and defenseless? :

Sure you do, everyone does from time to time, and I have a wonderfully potent antidote. It’s much better than those nasty old protein drinks, too, because it won’t make you gag. Want to know what it is?

A walk in falling snow. Seriously. You’ll feel not just strong, but superpowered, in the same league as the Incredible Hulk.

The truth is, I’m a wuss, especially in cold, wintry conditions. As soon as temperatures drop below 80º I run for a coat. Heck, I’m no hero and I don’t pretend to be; I’m a craven coward in the face of inclement weather. I’d rather be itchy or swollen or hungry, exhausted, dizzy, anything but cold. It’s awful, the stuff of nightmares and frostbite.

You won’t need a blizzard or white out conditions, just plain old flurries work fine. At least they did for me. The dog and I were trudging along, heads bent low and leaning into the wind, when tiny round pellets of white started salting out of the sky. They fell in my hair, bounced off my shoes, and assaulted everything in between. At first I was disgusted and annoyed, then I became fascinated: the snow made noise.

It wasn’t as loud as rainfall, but it was distinctly audible. The snowflakes made a ticking sound, like thrown rice, when they landed. I listened and then I watched in spellbound wonderment — it bounced off my coat like bullets off Superman. I was filled with a heady sense of empowerment; I was flipping impenetrable. The universe was doing its best to clobber me, but I marched on, indestructible. Blue and shivering, sure, yet boldly unbowed.

I promise, a snowy walk will do you good. Briefly and only once, but still …

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22 thoughts on “: feel weak and defenseless? :

    1. I’ll second that.

      Years ago, I had a shovel with a blade that flew off every time you dumped the snow. I’d never felt such pure, undiluted hostility before. So I packed up and moved to North Carolina 🛫


  1. You’ve made me stop and think about snow. There are different kinds: flurry, flakey, wet, dry pellet-like, etc. I’ll bet yours was the pellet kind, pinging off whatever it landed on. That is so cool 😎 (pardon the pun).

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    1. You’re pardoned :o)

      It definitely was the pellet kind, the type you’d buy for decorating. Dry and springy. The flakes actually bounced and I felt like I was walking in a snow globe. A little surreal ⛄️


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