: aargh, this isn’t what I wanted for Christmas :

Winter wonderland, my eye. Snow is a blight upon the land.

Granted, a nice clean layer of snow is lovely. It hides all manner of ugliness and decorates the world like a wedding cake. For a minute or two. Then along come the cars and plows and shovels and blowers and the loveliness disappears, poof. The fluffy white blanket is no longer fluffy or white or recognizable as snow, but as a wet, sloppy mess.

Plus, it’s slippery and treacherous, offering footing which is, at best, dicey. So having been forewarned by the local meteorologists that a measurable snowfall was imminent, I went ahead and fell down yesterday afternoon, tearing my pants and shredding my knee– in broad daylight on dry pavement. Just to get it out of the way, sort of a preemptive nosedive. Lying in snow is to be avoided, if possible. It soaks right through clothes, penetrating every single layer, and chills you right to the bone marrow.

The dog wasn’t happy about the unpleasant turn of events, either. She was very hesitant about the whole situation, preferring not to venture very far afield. The sidewalk was awful enough; grassy areas were a little too daunting. We were in complete agreement about the task at hand — get the job done and get back inside where it’s warm and carpeted.

Yet, as opposed as I am to snow, it is a charming addition to the holidays. Very Norman Rockwell. So, sure, it’s welcome to stay for Christmas. But Tuesday? It’s gotta go. Where, oh where, is the return window?

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  1. I’m not as bad with the snow as I am with the cold. While Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were quite lovely and just cold enough to maintain the pretty snowfall from the day before, we have been in an Arctic freeze since then. Minus double digits in both F & C and visibility has been pretty spotty for days. Yeah, I’m done with winter already. I hope your knee mended well.

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    1. My knee was just skinned up; the pants were totaled — but I’m going to keep wearing them. With longjohns underneath. We, too, are in an Arctic freeze with subzero temps and wind. Probably not as subzero as yours, but bitter cold is bitter cold. It’s painful to be outdoors. Come on spring 🖼

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  2. I share your feelings about the snow, though I prefer it to be temperate enough to snow versus the high of -4 we have in Chicago today! Thanks for sharing :)

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  3. My little niece has told me to tell you that she knows exactly how you feel… Which is very perceptive of her ’cause she’s only 10. She also thinks you rock! I think you have a new fan.

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