: here, resolve this :

For some unknown reason, whether tradition or habit, people enjoy making resolutions. Big, lofty, noble ones, the kind Gandhi would think twice about undertaking. New leafs and new moderations and new feelings of inadequacy.

As a result, January has become a month of failure and disappointment. Well, no more. This year, lower your standards and assure success with some attainable resolutions for a change. Heck, a big fat triumph is a darn sweet start; a big fat flop, however, steamrolls all hope. Unless you’re Sideshow Don, then it’s fake news and never happened.

You, thankfully, aren’t Sideshow Don. You’re you, a grand person doing your absolute best to stay afloat in a turbulent world. So give yourself a flipping break, why don’t you? Relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of accomplishment with this short list of laudable, yet very doable, resolutions. Then pat yourself on the back and say a hearty ‘attagirl’ — or ‘attaboy’, as the case may be.

Good luck, kids. And have a wonderfully safe and fulfilling New Year. I need to rest now; this was exhausting.

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16 Responses to “: here, resolve this :”

  1. Straddle the Turtle

    Thank you! I can do that :) especially since my library gives a little “grace” period before they start racking up fees. I love that. I’m grateful for any kind of GRACE. Happy new year!

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  2. Nyara

    Happy New Year! And you’re probably on spot with the resolutions and linking it to Gandhi!! 😂

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