: stuck :

Okay, I’m here. I’m looking at the computer screen. I’m drumming my fingers. I’m tapping my foot. And nothing’s happening. There’s no spark, no enthusiasm, just a general full-body malaise. So you know what? Adios, I’m out of here.

Surely I can find something better to do on a damp, gray winter afternoon. I have a great book, a nice selection of movies, video games, there’s plenty to eat and drink, so forget this nonsense. I’m bored out of my flipping mind. Truth be told, the thought of finishing even this crummy paragraph starts a loud, monotonous buzzing in my head. Does that happen to you? Does the thought of constructing even one more sentence sometimes make you long for a lobotomy?

Well, that’s where I am now. I’m questioning my sanity, wondering why a grown person would park in front of a computer for years and decades of prime living time fretting about the most appropriate words to use in snarly grammar situations? That’s borderline masochism if you ask me. What kind of lunatic does that? Heh, I do.

But not today. Today I’m stepping away. I need to recharge, fill the old tank, get fired up again. Oh, why lie? I need an attitude adjustment — in fact, I’m long, long overdue. I haven’t been hitting on all cylinders for weeks. Maybe months. Come on, be honest, that isn’t exactly news, now, is it? So, please bear with me …


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  1. Wow!!! you know sometimes we can be discouraged or life just happens, and its normal… Yet we know that a single step is enough.

    You can check out my post that relates to this via emmanuellove356165818.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/how-to-move-forward-with-no-motivation/

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  2. You and me (and many others I imagine) are all lunatics in this thing called blogging. Makes me feel better not to be a solo lunatic. Take your break, take your time and carry on being awesome x

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        1. I didn’t. I caught up on everyday things like grocery shopping and laundry, but I’m determined to see The Post. I’ve admired Katherine Graham since I read her autobiography Personal History. She’s one amazing woman 🙂


        2. You know, you’re right. I think I’ll extend my little abdication here and go be irresponsible. The laundry’s caught up, the house is clean, I’ve no looming appointments, so gangway! Maybe I’ll see three movies. Or eight. Thanks for the encouragement — wanna come along?

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  3. When you lay down thoughts like this: “…wondering why a grown person would park in front of a computer for years and decades of prime living time fretting about the most appropriate words to use in snarly grammar situations…”, I am simply dazzled by your brilliance as a writer. If I could somehow buoy you up through the fallow stretches you know I would. But we both know that is an artist’s cross to bear.
    How’s that for melodrama?😁

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    1. Aw, Barb, you’re breaking my heart, kiddo. How are you? I’ve been sending happy, uplifting, comforting thoughts non-stop since I found your email. Weeks too late. Is there anything you need? Want? Pine for? Just say the word and it’s on the way.

      I know you’d carry me through if you could. That’s why I adopted you. Rachel and Mary, too. You’ve been my guardian angel through so much upheaval and chaos. Now, it’s my turn. Remember, I’m here, standing by. Always❣️

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  4. You know that we get more out of your “not writing” pieces than most peoples serious writing. You are the best at writing about not writing. Maybe it’s your thing. Or maybe it’s your back up thing ’cause I kind of really like your “real writing” stuff too. ;-)

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