: why doesn’t this thing go? :

The engine started right up this morning, virtually roared to life, vroom. I put it in gear, I stepped on the gas, and the wheels locked tight. Isn’t that great?

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. I’d planned for a change of scenery at least. Maybe not a thrill ride, but a pleasant little jaunt into fresh territory. But, nope, not gonna happen. My mistake, I believe, was taking time off, too much time off. Now, I’ve lost my mojo.

How long’s it been since a decent, engaging post appeared in this space, you ask? Well, I had to check, scroll back weeks, all the way to December to find anything I’d consider enjoyable. And even then I had to lower the bar of enjoyable to acceptable. This is incredibly discouraging, of course, but is not insurmountable. Just frustrating. So, please, bear with me through this hair-pulling, tooth-gnashing time of inactivity. It will end, as surely as winter and hangovers. My enthusiasm will bloom again.

I swear.

copyright © 2018 the whirly girl


20 Responses to “: why doesn’t this thing go? :”

    • the whirly girl

      I am and I agree. Although I think there’s a conspiracy, all kinds of wrenches are being tossed in the works :o/

      I’ve been thinking about you lots and sending good, strong, positive vibes. Hang tough, Barb, I’m your spotter — like in P.E. 🙃

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  1. Straddle the Turtle

    I haven’t thot about spotting since grade school when i was learning how to do a backflip on the playground with my friends. No P.E. teachers in sight – we just knew to safeguard against injury. Thanks for bringing back this memory, because it’s a good one. Also thanks for being my spotter :)

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  2. the whirly girl

    P.E. class was a bona fide hoot. The academics? No, they blew. In hindsight, though, it all seems so fun and carefree, when I know for a fact it was awkward and uncomfortable. Or probably it was just me, the dopey goofball 🤡


  3. SilkPurseProductions

    You could be like me and just not bother. Of course then I, and all of your Whirly Girl fans would be truly disappointed. I enjoy these little looks at you thinking you aren’t being productive, when actually you are.

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