: my new nemesis :

Earbuds. Specifically, the cords.

I listen to music quite a bit, it keeps me sane. Now, fyi, I lean heavily toward hard rock — Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Styx, Whitesnake — and I don’t skimp on the volume. You can hear me coming from blocks away when I’m in the car, even in the winter. I crank up the volume and sing along at the top of my lungs. Like many drivers, I assume no one’s watching and get carried away. I dance, play air drums, sing backup, sing lead, act the fool. It’s fun and I’ve no pride, so it works out well.

Except indoors. Indoors I have neighbors and they don’t share my love for headbanging music. Or my abiding fondness for loud classical music, either, come to think of it. Therein lies the need for earbuds; I am nothing if not thoughtful. Most of the time, anyway. Well, sometimes. Okay, when I remember.

When I’m on the computer, I usually have music going and I’m free to move around at will. When I’m on the Internet, however, I’m on wi-fi — and in the public eye — so I’m tethered to the laptop with earbuds. The damn cord snags on everything, and I do mean everything. The zipper of my hoodie, my sleeve, the table, the mouse, everything. It’s incredibly irritating.

I’ll be working away, deep in thought, and yoink, I’m yanked back to reality by my earholes. Holy crap, that’s annoying. And it happens repeatedly. The cords are too short and too lightweight and I hate them. So I switched to headphones. That solved one issue — the neurotic cord — and created another: I sing like I’m all alone in the world.

I’m not. People look. People laugh. People roll their eyes. And I rock on, oblivious.

This won’t end well.

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16 thoughts on “: my new nemesis :

  1. I can’t do buds. My ears won’t allow it. He-Who is pretty much deaf (from some very loud concerts where he did his own head banging). We have to have the volume on so loud for him to hear TV or anything else that we have blown speakers and as you say, the neighbours are not best please. He switched to headphones and now our world is less noisy. Well, except for me screaming so he can hear me through the noise cancelling head phones.

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  2. Everything about this post made me beam from ear to ear. You go girl, life is so much better when it comes with a soundtrack; I too just discovered proper headphones and I can confirm the dangers of falling into the pitfall of feeling like you’re in your own little world. I’m currently on a commuter train and no one else is appreciating it.


    1. Your comment made my day, thank you. We have the same instinct: seek the comforts of own little worlds. They’re infinitely more inviting than the real one :o)


    1. phew, it’s not just me. I don’t know why earbuds are such a trigger for me, but they’re just infuriating. An anger management class may be necessary :o/


  3. I am immediately reminded of the scene from Wayne’s World, when they’re in the car and headbanging along to Bohemian Rhapsody. And when you say earplugs, or buds, do you mean for you or for your neighbours?

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