: I didn’t spring forward :

Heck, no.

I bounded. I hurtled. I threw myself head first out of the gloom and straight into the middle of unbridled glee. And, somewhat miraculously, sustained no injuries in the process; that’s a first.

My bike probably has other plans for me, though. I heard it moving around the other day, in the storage closet where it’s been wintering. It’s getting ready to burst out of hibernation any day now and launch me into oncoming traffic or a lamppost, over a guardrail. I can feel it in my old injuries, the multitudes of them — my lung, my shoulder and head, knees, ribs, pride. So please prepare your get well wishes in advance and avoid the seasonal rush. Thanks and be sure to visit me in the ICU between 2 and 4 p.m.

Welcome back daylight, you’re a sight for sore eyes.

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8 thoughts on “: I didn’t spring forward :

  1. I have to say, it really messed me up this time. I don’t know why. I don’t usually feel the effects this strongly. I was well into the week (probably Friday) before I felt human again. And although I am now coming home from work in the daylight, it is still very dark out when I get up.

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  2. Hmmm…your daylight Santa Claus arrives a whole week earlier than ours. I guess it takes time for him to get round to everyone..and someone has to be first. And we get to anticipate! Yay!

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