: ideas rain down, too :

Just not good ones and certainly not yesterday.

However, instead of being disgusted with the crappy weather, I decided to take full advantage and indulge in unabashed laziness. I didn’t even get dressed. I sat around in boxers eating Pecan Swirls all morning, Oreos all afternoon, Klondike bars all evening. By bedtime, my sweatshirt was mottled and stiff with chocolate stains, the couch was laminated with crumbs, and I had an ice cream headache the size of an igloo.

Clearly, I had a busy day. Too busy to do any real work, although I got up to answer the door when my neighbor stopped by with scones. Does that count? That should count. Half-assed, unfinished thoughts should count, too. They pass through my mind all the time and I usually ignore them, but when you’re desperate, they come in pretty damn handy.

Herewith, yesterday’s output:

Paramedics arrive in firetrucks with hoses, not ambulances with stretchers. Why?
Mirror neurons are not really mirrors.
Why is haircut singular? Even Homer Simpson has three.
Visible matter makes up only 5% of our universe. Don’t speculate about the other 95.
I is capitalized; why not you or me or they or us?
On start-up, my computer wails like the Tilt-A-Whirl (it’s the dvd drive, I think).

There, see? Even with all the chewing and swallowing yesterday, my brain churned on, cranking out dumb ideas like a Pez dispenser. There were some others, too, mostly about getting up, but I dismissed those immediately. Come on, get up? In the midst of a food binge?

Jeez, where do these things come from?

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10 thoughts on “: ideas rain down, too :

  1. Your brain seriously works the same way as mine. I am now stuck on the why is ‘I’ given a capital and not me etc. I may now go and lose some hours in the depths of internet research ie start looking at this and then be all like ‘ooh look at this’ and ‘oh I didn’t know that’. Repeat until bedtime.

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  2. Clearly, you can write! This probably belongs to the ‘everyday story’ category for a million others (considering they have neighbours who bring them scones), but this was good. Despite being a ‘simpler than expected,’ and ‘shorter than hoped for’ read, I liked it. And yes, ideas do rain! I have now started to keep a journal of these. The journal is not lined, just in case some of the ideas are better sketched than written. Keep writing, please.

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  3. I loved reading about your food binge and lived through it vicariously. Been there done that. I had totally forgotten about Pecan swirls. Yum! I’ll have to go back to that cookie one day soon. As long as I can pull yourself out of a binge marathon by the next day, I find sometimes it’s just necessary to indulge.

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    1. Wow, thanks. Fortunately, I’m back to my usual self. It was a short-lived, but totally comforting, way to spend a Saturday. I wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis, but it was a hoot as a one-time thing.

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