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Holy cow, do I even have a Smart column? Where is it? I haven’t needed one for so long I’ve forgotten where I put it. Oh, who cares, I’ll record my triumph here, instead. Are you ready?

I’ve never had a Facebook account. Tada.

That’s right. I am not now, and never have been, part of Facebook. So all the ruckus about data mining and psychographic this and that, meh. For once, I’m not involved. I don’t have to worry or bite my nails, I don’t have to scramble to cover my ass. Instead I’ll say ‘phew’ and bask in my smartness for a moment, which, technically, wasn’t smartness — it was laziness.

I happened to pick WordPress over Facebook, mostly because there were fewer rules and more flexibility. I don’t like rules and, for once, willfulness served me well. I’m not accustomed to this, wise choices are a rare commodity in my experience. In fact, the other day I counted them up and, over the course of a lifetime, I‘ve made a grand total of four reasonably good decisions. Isn’t that sad? It is, it’s sad to claim fewer smart choices than fingers. On one hand. Spanning a life.

What were these inspired life decisions?

 ⇒ To remain unmarried.
⇒ Not to have kids.
⇒ To work in advertising.
⇒ Buying The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

That last one, the books, was flipping brilliant. Kudos and a resounding ‘atta, girl’ to me. Of course, my decision to post this lame narrative shows I’ve defaulted to my usual birdbrain ways. Gosh, it sure was nice while it lasted.

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10 responses to “: add one to the smart column :”

  1. I have a FB account but never post to it. The only posts are links to my WP blog posts. I have always favored WP over Facebook. My time is better spent here. During the US election I became extremely feed up with FB and parted ways but I did not delete my account. Not sure why…..

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    1. I do the same thing, just leave the application when I get frustrated, without deleting the account. WordPress is the only active account I have on the Internet — life is so much easier this way :o)

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  2. Gallantly, gal Avatar

    awww Calvin & Hobbes!
    I do have FB but barely used it for years… It got way too complicated. I don’t even know what’s going on right now tbh…

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    1. See, I never knew and that was a problem. It made me vaguely uncomfortable, sort of like a shakedown.

      Calvin and Hobbes? Those guys are more my speed.

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    1. Why, thank you! No one is more surprised than I. Besides, WordPress made the choice so simple. They’ve proven to be the smartest decision I’ve made so far 🙃

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  3. I envy you. Facebook is a big part of my income. I handle the FB pages for several companies. I have no choice but to have an account of my own.
    I think five is a great number and suspect that there are many that do not have that high a number in the smart column.

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    1. You should see the stoopid column, miles and miles of entries. It makes five seem pitifully undersized.

      I saw a tweet about links to zip files that have transcripts of users phone conversations and text messages. How? Who? Shouldn’t that be illegal? Wait, never mind, I forgot everything’s for sale now :o/

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  4. I to without ever having the assistance of Facebook have managed to live a fairly coherent existence

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    1. Who needs them, right? We can get along just fine on our own, thank you 👩🏻‍💻

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