: uh-oh, i’ve lost my way :

Well, this is embarrassing. I’ve lost my bearings.

As I went skipping off on the way to Funny a wicked, fearsome storm blew in. The sky turned black, the wind howled, and a bolt of self-discovery knocked out my guidance system. All my instruments — compass, coordinates, brain stem — bzzzzt, fried. So where does that leave me? No idea. Nothing looks familiar and I’m not laughing, so, nope, this isn’t Funny. This is Lost.

Please bear with me.

I’ve a woeful sense of direction, so I’m asking everyone to be on the lookout. If you see a dazed and disoriented woman in shorts and t-shirt, tennis shoes and earbuds, that’s me. If you’d be kind enough to point me in the right direction, I’ll just be on my way. Or, better yet, call me a cab. My navigation is still very iffy.

Thank you. More news will become available as communication is restored. Um, maybe.

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20 thoughts on “: uh-oh, i’ve lost my way :

  1. I remember getting lost at an amusment park😂 i was scared to death…But things got well…anyways best of luck to you 😇

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  2. Oh no!! Haha. I remember once in middle school, I was trying out for soccer and we had to jog around the neighborhood but we all got totally lost. The hilarious thing was.. I was the one who’s lived there the longest. Most of the others were newcomers who moved in for middle school and high school. So they were like, “Who isn’t new here?” and that was me but I could not help them. Darned if I knew where the heck we were xD

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  3. Well now, what you refer to above seems like an interesting predicament to be in.

    In order to adequately respond, I feel it necessary to hear a little bit more about what is going on in your current situation.

    I will await your convenient response,

    Yours in Inquiry,


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