: independence? we got your independence :

There, how’s that?

We aren’t a bunch of lemmings. Most of us have spines and functioning brain stems. We’re rational and we’re lucid, we think for ourselves. Sideshow Don doesn’t speak for us; the GOP doesn’t speak for us; the Russians don’t speak for us. Best of all, we’re perfectly capable of competing on a level playing field — without changing all the rules in our own favor.

There’s your independence.

Have a safe, sparkly Fourth everyone.

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14 thoughts on “: independence? we got your independence :

  1. Be careful what you wish for. The American people elected that odious yellow-haired mop top to the presidency. Trump himself is impotent but there are a lot of voters who need to be persuaded they made the wrong choice.

    On the plus side, though, the POTUS does give us endless opportunities for ridicule and innocent fun. It’s our turn next week when he comes to the UK and I’ve seen some brilliant put-down posters on Facebook. They will keep me amused for weeks!

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    1. See, the 2016 election is a sticking point for me. It was thoroughly compromised by Russian meddling, gerrymandered voting districts, voter I.D. laws implemented to impede voting, et al. Trump wasn’t elected, he was installed. I doubt I’ll ever trust election results again. This, I’m afraid, is going to end badly.

      By the way, I saw the parade balloon of him in nappies. It’s awesome 👍


  2. Both democrats and republicans were putting the USA down the tubes. The USA started getting rid of the corrupt leaders when they elected Donald Trump. thank God!


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