: a vacation request :

May I please be excused from my little website August 1 through August 31, 2018?

It’s impossible, frankly, to overstate how much I enjoy sunshine and the wearing of the shorts. I want to keep right on enjoying them, too, every minute of every day for as long as I can. Staring at a blinking cursor is fine on cold, bleak mornings, but not now. Now I want to be outside cavorting. It’s hard to cavort when you’re wearing a dozen layers of bulky clothes, something winter absolutely requires.

Besides, if you’ve been paying any attention, it’s obvious I haven’t had my mind on my work. I need an air freshener most days, because the whole place just reeks of rotten narrative. So, from that standpoint, a vacation is a public service. We’ll all breathe easier if I’m away from a computer keyboard. Trust me.

I will return, though. And I don’t mean that as a threat, but as a pledge. I plan to keep slogging away until I get this right. Or, you know, die.

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34 Responses to “: a vacation request :”

        • the whirly girl

          I think I read that. Maybe. Was there something about descriptions being as tightly focused as photographs? I know I read that some place, I just don’t remember where. 🙄


        • Straddle the Turtle

          Not sure. You’d think I’d remember since I’ve read it three times. But it’s been awhile… Btw I’m half way thru The Portable Veblen even tho I’m suppose to be reading something else for tomorrow’s discussion. In fact, I purchased it while out on errands yesterday (been reading it on library loan), because I love it so much and may want re-read as soon as I finish it. It is soooooooo good!!!

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        • the whirly girl

          I did the same exact thing. You want another recommendation? Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory. It has wonderful, quirky characters you’ll fall in love with and a totally offbeat story. I rank it up there with Veblen❣️❣️❣️

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    • the whirly girl

      Yay, thank you❗️ Overtime in the winter is kind of a pleasure. I love parking myself beside a steaming coffee and a clean sheet of paper. It’s more of a coaster really, but I pretend I’ll fill it with words :o)

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  1. aintwegotitmade

    It’s a known fact that when your tank is feeling empty you HAVE TO take time off in order to re-fill it. This is essential. You must do this. Go. Go now and soak up that vitamin D. Lay down your pen. The ink will flow better on your return – guaranteed.



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