: the trouble with vacations :

They end.

Mine, in fact, should have ended weeks ago, but I didn’t have the heart to call it quits. The sun still shines; the shorts are still comfy; the world is still green and warm. Why go back inside, to a routine of schedules and effort and frustration? Well, because it will only get harder the longer I wait. So here I am. At my computer. Ready to work.

Physically, anyway. Mentally, I’m nowhere to be found. My mistake was letting my mind wander in the first place; I’m afraid it isn’t coming back. Seriously. You see, my brain really, really enjoyed the freedom of vacationing. I spent one entire afternoon sitting on the balcony idly dreaming of hotwiring the cherry picker parked on the street below me. Then, Bob’s your uncle, someone loaded it on a flatbed and hauled it away. Dammit! I was so close.

Although some would certainly consider that a wasted afternoon, I don’t. Visualizing myself joyriding through the city in a cherry picker was a grand adventure. I imagined cruising past office buildings, startling secretaries and insurance salesmen, careening around corners, zooming up and down like a yo-yo.  Frankly, I’m way too accident-prone to pull off  a stunt like that in reality. It would surely and quickly end in disaster — or, more likely, the ER.

So, see why I fear for the return of my cognitive skills? Reality is a dreary substitute for imagination. Oh, I’ll find it eventually and, when I do, I’ll hug that mother tight and handcuff it to my ear like an earring. Life without daydreams isn’t worth living.

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  PS. It’s a gas being back, kids!


18 thoughts on “: the trouble with vacations :

  1. That’s so true, daydreaming is one of the things most people should practise every minute of their lives. Maybe it sounded a little excesive, but I hate when people don’t really apreciate being alive, like: “Wake up dude! Don’t do the same shit you always do!”

    I’m new to your blog, I like the way you write, thank you for daydreaming like that, I would be pleased if you keep posting some of your thoughs! =D

    Keep it up!

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    1. Sort of like flying stand-by, right? Sometimes you hit the jackpot and wind up in first class, others you’re wedged in the middle seat with fish on the menu. There’s something to be said for consistency, you know? Just once I’d like a chartered flight to Ibiza. Come with me next time. We’d have a riot.

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    1. Fun words coming up. I love it when the right term falls into my noggin at the very moment I need it. It doesn’t always, but maybe if I try harder?

      I can’t keep lollygagging around or my thinking muscle will get too rusty to work, so I need to get down to business. Time’s a-wastin’. But thanks for the support, I appreciate it more than you know. You’re swell!


      1. You’re swell too!! Lollygagging…that’s one of my favourite things to do… reminds of lolloping…can you fit that in somewhere?…so many good words (to find and to make up!)…and so little time…

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