: consider yourselves warned, buckos :

Over the course of my life, I’ve been propositioned, manhandled, flashed, molested, drugged, threatened, and harassed. By hormonal clods, such as the Supreme Court nominee. I chose to ignore these episodes and move on because I didn’t want to deal with the indignity of reporting them or confronting them or giving them the time of day.

The doddering geezers of the Republican Party, however, have changed my attitude toward sexual aggression. They simply dismiss it as inconsequential or plain delusional. To even consider the possibility of impropriety they demand airtight evidence of sexual assault, verification along the lines of notarized photographs and certified, time-stamped documentation. Proof way beyond any doubt — reasonable or otherwise.

All rightie, fair enough.

In that case, the next asshat who makes a lewd comment, grabs my ass, ‘accidentally’ brushes a boob, or so much as leers in my direction will be walking funny the rest of his sad, dissipated life. The police can then examine his bruised, swollen testicles and enter them into evidence for the court proceedings I’ll cheerfully initiate.

I swear to God, I’ve had it, so keep your hands to yourself or I’ll go full feral on you. And don’t forget to thank your GOP Representatives for their assistance. Their absolute indifference has been an inspiration.


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  1. Sometimes a gal needs to let those blokes out there their behaviour is unacceptable, rude and have they have absolutely no class at all … and that they are neanderthals incarnate when they behave like this … they need to be told. Well said!

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