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It’s colder in Illinois than in Antarctica. Since I don’t expect you to believe me, I’ve provided proof.

There, see? 

Those are real time screen shots of current conditions. Our air temperature is a full 10º lower, but feels 13º lower with the wind chill factored in. This is the kind of cold that’s quite literally breathtaking.

Structures, like buildings and houses, are booming and popping (a phenomenon called ‘frost quakes’) as the ground expands in the frigid temperatures. The snowpack outside is as fluffy as cement. Frostbite is nearly instant. Corneas can freeze. Nose hairs, eyelashes, beards, and moustaches ice up like pot pies. It’s even possible for ice crystals to form around and within your cells. Death can occur in less than an hour, less if you fall into freezing water, in these conditions.

Everything from banks to schools is closed; activities from dance classes to postal delivery are cancelled. This, boys and girls, is the end of civilization as we know it. If I could manage it, I’d be running for my life. In eleven layers of clothes, though, the best I can do is waddle fast. Gangway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. I’ve been hunkered inside for days. But there’s finally some good news: against all odds, the car started and today was 50+ degrees. Clearly, the weather is scary nuts, but maybe the worst is over 🤞

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  1. I’m from WA where its generally comparatively mild when looking at the rest of the country. But now i live in the Northeast of England which is as far north as parts of Alaska, and its pretty cold, -6C (about 20F) and I’m doing my share of whining. I cannot imagine the level of freezing bitterness you guys are going through. I’ve been thinking about you middle states a lot. I hope it doesnt last long.

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    1. Whining is an essential part of winter, you know. And fortunately our misery will be short-lived. Temperatures are forecast to be in the 50s by the weekend, a swing of 80 degrees in a matter of days. This is N-U-T-Z, weird⁉️

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