: today I am rich :

Me. Rich. This is not a joke.

I’ve amassed a big, fat, disgusting fortune by scrimping and saving whenever and wherever I could. With careful budgeting, cutting corners here, trimming spending there, and acting the tight-fisted miser, I managed to stash away quite a bundle. And now, today, I’m cashing in. I have an entire day to spend any way I want; it’s mine, all  mine. Ka-ching, jackpot!

Why, I can read comic books all day if I want to. Eat pizza and ice cream. Make prank calls. Take a long winter’s nap. Binge-watch Looney Tun— why are you looking at me like that?

Oh-oh-oh, I get it, you thought I meant money rich. Ew, no. I’m talking about time, the greatest, most luxurious commodity there is. And I have a ton of it on my hands this afternoon and evening. A ton. I’m practically rolling in minutes and hours; I’m loaded with the stuff; I reek of idle moments, frankly. They’re mine to spend as I see fit. So, ha, I’m out of here. Adios, you poor things.

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  1. Excuse me, guv. Could you spare some time? You see I need to iron my shirts and practice my guitar, I have to prepare for a meeting and I have a hungry blog to support and I don’t know what else. I’m only asking for a minute or two …

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