: don’t bother looking :

You’ll never find it. Not in here, anyway.

That hour you lost last night is gone forever, poof. And, if I may be so bold, good riddance to it. Who needs another stinking hour of dark and discouraging? Not I, said every person on the planet. Frankly, winter and its soul-sucking associate, gloom, overstay their welcome every year. They show up early, create an unbearably hostile atmosphere, and make a lot of work for everyone. Why do they get invited back and who keeps sending the invitation?

Well, never mind, they’re leaving and I sincerely hope the door hits them in the ass on their way out. Hard.

Bring on springtime and all the bright, shiny daylight it has to offer. Granted, we’ll spend the rest of the month running behind and oversleeping, but it’s worth it. Tomorrow — I you tomorrow  our eyes will open to cheery, sparkly daylight, instead of the usual grim pall of winter. Who cares if we’re late for work or the dentist? Who cares if we miss the bus? Wait, I don’t work. I don’t have a dentist appointment. So I can waste all the time in the world, just like always. Except I’ll be happy.

Yay, springtime! Don’t ever leave again.

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4 responses to “: don’t bother looking :”

  1. awww…what a shame you feel that way about Winter…I kind of like Winter…I like woolly socks, fleecy boots, log fires, my russian fur hat, and having to snuggle up with a hot water bottle. However, I do live in England, where generally speaking everything is somewhat temperate…no mountains of snow/tornadoes/endless blazing sun. But I do concur with your feelings about bright, shiny Spring tho’…

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    1. Maybe if winter was shorter I wouldn’t mind it as much, but five months is unbearable. In a perfect world, when Christmas ended we’d head straight into spring. I’d be happy with that and we’d all get to experience the cozy stuff, the boots and blankets and cocoa … 😌

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  2. For some reason the following words, er, spring to mind:

    When it’s Spring again I’ll bring again
    Tulips from Amsterdam
    With a heart that’s true I’ll give to you
    Tulips from Amsterdam …
    … Like the windmill keeps on turning
    That’s how my heart keeps on yearning
    For the day I know we can share
    These Tulips from Amsterdam

    Catchy, ain’t it?

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    1. Catchy and perfect. As always❣️

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