: waiting for an idea to go by :

Sorry I’m late, but ideas aren’t like German trains; they don’t run on a strict schedule. What am I saying? Ideas don’t follow any stinking schedule, they’re thoughtless renegades, totally feral. And I love them to pieces. 

Unfortunately, they’ve stood me up more often than not. The experience is always painful and embarrassing, of course, so I don’t usually admit to being ditched. Heck, no. What I do instead is, sit myself down, pound out a lame, half-assed piece, pretend it’s a perfectly decent idea, and post it right here. For all the world to see. The world looks and quickly looks away, as one does when they see an ugly baby. It makes for an awkward situation. 

Well, I’ve stopped doing that. Or I did today. You see, I’ve got nothing and I won’t pretend otherwise. This page isn’t under construction or being renovated, it’s an admission: I’ve come up dry. Boy, it feels good to get off that my chest. It really does. But since I don’t want this to be a complete waste of your time, I’ll share a bit of advice I’ve found useful from time to time:

‘When in doubt, play insane.’
— Catherine O’Hara

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