: the secret to happiness :

It’s three simple words and I know what they are: give zero f*cks. Those words in that order will bring you maybe not joy, but something in the joyous neighborhood, like contentment. A peaceful ease. When the only opinion that matters to you is your own, well, it’s very, very liberating. Until you screw up, then things do get tense. But you work it out, come to terms with your failure, and move on; you forgive and forget. Easy peasy.

The absolute best part? I don’t waste time or energy worrying about where someone comes from or what religion they practice or who they love or what their politics are or where they stand in the David Lee Roth vs Sammy Hagar debate. You’re all the same to me; one of the 8 billion + / – human planeteers trying to get by on Earth. I’ll give you space to live your best life and hope you’ll afford me the same courtesy.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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4 responses to “: the secret to happiness :”

  1. YES!!! ⭐️


  2. Too often I forget there are nice people like you in this sometimes horrible world, so thanks for those inspiring words. After that, I can feel a nice day coming right up round here. 🙂


    1. You’re my hero! Thank you💕


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