: can I, please, can I? :

I’m a citizen. Not particularly upstanding or solid, but a citizen nevertheless, and I’m pretty sure that entitles me to certain benefits, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At least according to the U.S. Constitution, a document that used to carry serious weight in legal circles and the halls of government. But that was long, long ago, in the glory days — pre-Trump.

Well, enough with the reminiscing. What I’m wondering, here on Thanksgiving Eve, is: can I, as a citizen, invoke the 25th Amendment and declare the President of the United States unfit for office? Does it work like a citizen’s arrest? Gomer Pyle executed this exact strategy on Deputy Fyfe, in an episode of the Andy Griffith Show, setting a precedent for all law-abiding Americans. So am I allowed to use it on Sideshow Don? His infractions are far more egregious than an illegal U-turn.

What pushed me to this admittedly desperate ploy was the Florida rally last night, where Trump’s grasp on reality continues to alarm. The word Thanksgiving, he decried, was being hijacked, just like the term Christmas. That came as news to everyone. Then, he revealed he’d beaten not only the ‘Bush dynasty’ and the ‘Clinton dynasty,’ but also ‘Barack Hussein Obama and whatever the Hell dynasty that is.’ He, um, didn’t run against Obama. Ever. Nor did he beat anyone; he was installed by the Russians.

The antics resumed again this morning when he tweeted out a vigorously Photoshopped image of himself as, I’m guessing here, Rocky? All shiny and sweaty and delusional in boxing gloves and trunks with that big gold belt thing. The stark reality of Trump, however, is a wizened, old dude who rarely has the strength for the long commute from residence to Oval Office. He prefers to hide under the covers and call talk shows on FOX News.

Please, let me invoke the 25th Amendment. I have superpowers, too, and my real identity, which I’ve kept secret for obvious reasons, is Zena Warrior Princess. I, alone, can fix the world because I am, in fact, a living, breathing miracle woman. I’ll get the job done, with one hand tied behind my back.

Oh, and Happy Forking Day (formerly Thanksgiving).

copyright © 2019 the whirly girl

14 Responses to “: can I, please, can I? :”

  1. aintwegotitmade

    Hi Whirly! You do indeed have the power. All American voters do. If they vote for someone, it is presumably because they want them in power. If that person wrecks the country (and the planet/people’s lives)…that’s what the people voted for. I don’t think we can really blame a delusional person for being a delusional leader. Once a country has gone through the pain of any unfortunate choice it makes, it will hopefully come out wiser the other end, change things and make a better choice thereafter. It’s sad, but sometimes there is just no choice but to go through the pain. I have no idea where Brexit will take the UK (likely into the out-stretched hands of Mr. Trump and his multinational friends) but…I have to trust the British (and American) people to learn from their mistakes….it may take a while…

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    • the whirly girl

      I agree, but there’s also the Russian interference. On our own, without all the propaganda and the GOP’s Russian allegiance, we’d have a decent shot at a fair and honest election. We don’t. Add the death threats and intimidation from “the base” and, oy! We’ve got a tough row to hoe. Still, if enough of us stand up and refuse to be bullied, we’ll be home free. Literally 🥳

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    • the whirly girl

      I don’t know about brave, stubborn is probably closer. But I learned early how to take a beating and keep going, thanks to the meanest sister in the history of sisters. Don’t worry, I’ll cover you, kiddo! 💕

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