: this world is breaking my heart :

And I blame Christmas music. I do.

Think I’m exaggerating? Fine. You try to make it all the way through Vince Gill’s Let There be Peace on Earth dry-eyed. Go ahead, I dare you — just don’t try it in public, since it may not go well. Unless you’re an icicle, you’ll grab a Kleenex long before the song’s over. Shoot, real softies will be lucky if they don’t let out a snuffle or whimper. Honestly, they’re all tearjerkers: O Holy Night and Ave Maria, Do You Hear What I Hear, Little Drummer Boy, Adeste Fidelis, I Believe in Father Christmas, the whole bunch.

Now, I’ve heard these songs a million times over the course of my life, but they never made me sad. Until this year. This year is different. This year has been an especially cruel one for hope. Bullying and intolerance are in the ascendant, while basic kindness is disappearing as quickly as sea ice.

The difference between the promise offered in Christmas music and stark reality is beyond distressing. The gulf between the two is seemingly unbridgeable. And I think that’s tragic. Plus, I’m tired of being condemned for being poor and having my nose rubbed in the incivility of our age — the animosity is tiresome.

So could we, please, call a truce? Just for the holidays? Let’s take a few days to appreciate being alive and surrounded by wonder, like books and sunshine and family and laughter? Is it asking too much for everyone to sit down and shut up for a minute? To look at what we have, instead of what we can take away from someone else. Wouldn’t that be a lovely, relaxing change of pace?

Okay, on your mark. Get set.  Go. 

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  1. I hope you found peace and happiness over the Holidays. Unfortunately, the New Year isn’t proving to be a much better place…yet. I know in my heart of hearts we can do better. As they say on Letterkenny, “Pitter, patter let’s git at ‘er”.

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    1. It was a traditional whirly girl xmas, one spent in the laundry room. This year, though, I didn’t jam my laptop into my pants and get it stuck. That’s my idea of merry! But you’re right, we can do better. And we will, I almost promise. Have yourself a terrific, rewarding year of fun and happiness, kiddo 🙃

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  2. You know, I think you may have just shown me a version of “Let There be Peace on Earth” that I actually enjoy. We’ve sung this song from time to time in church over the years and I NEVER liked it (but maybe it’s just because I HATE stodgy organ music – lol).

    Always looking for good music, so thank you!

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      1. I learned “Let There be Peace on Earth” when I sang in the RCHS choir. I sang Alto standing between girlfriends who kept me giggling & getting in trouble with Mr. (can’t think of his name at the moment). So it wasn’t until I grew up, owned my own piano and purchased the sheet music that I finally realized it’s deep beauty 🙏🏻🎶✌️


        1. Choir. Ugh. I hadn’t thought about that in decades.

          There’s something about Vince Gill’s voice that just tears my heart out. He could sing Happy Birthday and I’d wind up dehydrated. 😭

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