: a christmas thought :

In this day and age, you should be careful who you listen to. People, given the chance, will cheerfully and eagerly lead you astray. They’ll tell you up is down, black is white, stop means go. Don’t fall for it.

I speak from experience. You see, just about everyone I know has tried to teach me at least one lesson, certain they know what’s best: teachers, parents, babysitters, bosses, doctors, coaches, police officers, everyone.


They should’ve saved their breath. Even if they were right and had a better, smarter, safer way, their words went in one ear and straight out the other as I toddled on about my business.

You know who taught me the big, important stuff in life? Doctor Seuss. And Charles Schulz, Winnie the Pooh, Looney Tunes, Pippi Longstocking. They knew what they were talking about and the best thing I learned from them was to follow my own heart. To think my own thoughts — if you can classify what occurs in my head as thoughts.

But, here again, don’t listen to me. Listen to you. You’re the smartest, best judge of how to live your life. Make yourself proud.

Merry xmas, Boys and Girls!

copyright © 2019 the whirly girl

4 Responses to “: a christmas thought :”

    • the whirly girl

      Thanks, you’re pretty swell your own self❣️ Your comment really made my week, although I’m lots closer to a calamity than perfect. But at least I’m a happy one 🤡



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