: a feel good moment :

Most of us aren’t hedonists. We don’t expect, or necessarily want, a life of decadent luxury. Come on, who needs 20 bathrooms and private jets and a personal chef? Not us. What we’d like is a damn break. One fleeting moment of pure, sweet bliss from time to time is all we ask. But none of us are holding our breath, are we? No.

Since this is an age of pandemic and unemployment and social distancing, though, I’ve decided to step up and make a contribution. I don’t have any money or useful expertise or brains, but I am pretty good at locating hope. If we have that, we can get through anything. So here I am with a short list of everyday moments capable of delivering a heaping helping of happy. In my goofy little world, anyway.

In no particular order:

» a pat on the back from anyone, for anything, any time.
» finding the phone (or keys or sunglasses or wallet) you were sure you’d lost.
crawling into a bed of clean, freshly laundered sheets.
getting a decent idea.
» a long, hot shower.
being forgiven.
finishing a dreaded assignment.
coming home to an exuberant, gushing welcome from your dog.

The trick, I think, is just to pay attention, to notice the little stuff as it happens. Slow down, open our eyes, see the wonder all around us. And appreciate the heck out of it. That’s what makes life worth living — well, that and chocolate.

Okay, end of sermon, boys and girls! Now, go and have yourself a truly spiffy day. Or week. Or lifetime.

copyright © 2020 the whirly girl

8 Responses to “: a feel good moment :”

  1. stoneyfish

    Beautifully put.

    And I’d like to add to your list of happy moments, “reading a post by the whirly girl”. They always make my day. 😍

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  2. aintwegotitmade

    Yay! Clean crisp cotton sheets..and sunshine! My faves. I give you a socially and globally distant pat on the back for helping me start a list that could be very, very long…a cat seeking out your lap, a lovely cup of tea, a crisp crunchy apple, cherry blossom, blue, blue skies, hugs, repairing something you thought you couldn’t repair….

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