: dear america :


No matter how bleak things look now, no matter how grim they may seem, there is always hope. Because we’re the America that counts, you and I, and we can fix this if we all just come together to stand against the intolerance and division being sown by politicians. Let’s really and truly be the United States for once, all inclusive, and see how that works out. Whaddya say?

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11 Responses to “: dear america :”

  1. aintwegotitmade

    A definition of the United States: a rich and diverse nation, which welcomed people from all over the globe to create a truly vibrant and dynamic can-do society which is the powerhouse of its economy; a country with a glorious and spectacular landscape so diverse and splendid, that almost all the world’s landscapes are there – no need to travel. A country with huge natural resources, creative and clever people, hosting many of the world’s top universities; the world leader in entertainment and in global internet-based businesses and technologies. America has so much going for it, and like the rest of us, will keep learning valuable and sometimes painful lessons until the lessons are learnt…and it lets go of fear and moves towards being what it truly wants to be – which is the best it can be. IMO…

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    • the whirly girl

      You’re absolutely spot on, of course, and there are still all kinds of wonderful people and places and opportunities here. But Mr. Trump is wildly unfit to lead this country and it’s terrifying. The most heartwarming sights I’ve seen, though, are European countries holding their own marches to support Americans. That gives me hope the world knows what we’re up against and stands with us. At least that’s what I tell myself. Please wish us luck 🤞

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      • aintwegotitmade

        I absolutely wish you luck. All right-minded people stand with you, always.

        I believe (in spite of current circumstances) that the US (and the rest of the world) is heading towards the good…and sometimes we have to be confronted with the really bad in order to do that. See…even Mr. T has a purpose! The world can do nothing other than be right behind the people of the U.S. I pray that Americans make the best of the opportunity they have to turn away from the fearful side of themselves that your president represents. I truly believe it will come good. Don’t be afraid…be the America you want to see.

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  2. AudreyAnn Moses

    I pray every day that we all overcome our racial issues and strive towards living according to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as we would want them to do unto us. Matthew 7:12.

    Take care, Be Blessed as you continue to bless others

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  3. writegardener

    While the politicians are largely at fault I do believe everyone has a hand in this — from corporations to Hollywood to biased media, fake news and social media, to educators to religious leaders, to Thought Police, sheeple, on and on — everyone has played a part somehow, someway in the polarity that is tearing this country apart. Forcing someone, anyone, against their will ensues anger which is not the answer for healing our country. There is no one size fits all solution but I am from a more civilized era where manners and common sense were the governing rules. Unfortunately, they are a rarity today to non-existent.


  4. writegardener

    We can never, ever give up hope. That would be too depressing. So I think I’ll add in some faith and the realization that there is always something to learn in any situation. :-)



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