: pardon our mess and thank you :

Gassing protesters isn’t so much a sign of strength as it is a sign of fear and retaliation. Retaliation for what, you ask. Well, for the high crime of not exalting Mr. Trump. Those mean protesters scared him straight into the White House basement and they wouldn’t go away. Not even after he turned the lights out on them.

How dare they!

Well, he showed them, didn’t he? He had them gassed. By the American military. He really and truly did. Mr. Trump just called in the military on American citizens and had them tear gassed for peacefully protesting against his sissified, thin-skinned self.

You see, instead of a government America now has a junta-in-progress. And a eunuch calling the shots. But you know what else America has? A 400-year history of decency. We’ve done our best, always, to stand for goodness and hope. We elected, for the most part, virtuous, ethical, clear-eyed leaders. We fought the good fight. We built an honorable country from nothing to something and used our good fortune to help build a better world. 

Now, countries and people everywhere are standing with the American people. They’re pulling for us to save this beleaguered nation from the nefarious forces working to tear it apart. They’re gathering to protest on our behalf. And that’s the best tonic a battered population can hope for. If the world be with us, how can we fail?

Thank you to each and every person on this planet, all 8 (+/-) billion of you. We need your support now like never before.

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  1. It’s so sad that our America isn’t as it used to be. No more liberty and justice for all with trump around, I guess. But I thank you for putting those thoughts into words, because it is so totally relatable. Even if I’m sitting on the other side of the world, I feel for all my friends stuck at home, scared about getting out to even buy their essentials. It’s a sorry situation :(((

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    1. it’s a distressing time, all right, and i’m trying really, really hard to remain hopeful. at least until the election in november. and then … ? cross your fingers.

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  2. I find myself without one witty thing to say. I am just truly sad for you and other people like you who are trying to be “Real Human Beings” and yet find yourself in such a freakin’ mess through no fault of your own. I cry every day for my friends and family that are on that side of the border living in more terror every day.

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    1. you know, i’m having trouble finding the funny, too. i saw justin trudeau’s speechlessness when he was asked to respond to trump tear gassing protesters and it just cratered me. no one can believe what a soulless organism he is.

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      1. It’s true. A lot of things have been said about that silence but what I saw was a guy trying really hard to not say, “He’s a f!@#ing a-hole!” and a whole lot of other very un-Prime Minister things. I know I have wrapped my tongue around some expletives I have never used before. On another note, Trudeau marched with the protesters today.


        1. oy. that’s the only word i have in my head these days. oy.

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  3. Rachel Turelli Avatar
    Rachel Turelli

    Bravo, Lisa. What a mess we are in!

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    1. Bravo, to you, you brave soul❣️


  4. ‘And a eunuch calling the shots’ – is that meant to be derogatory? Sissified! And, ‘We built an honorable country from nothing to something’ has been a typical White justification for colonization. Dear whirly girl, these troubled times are barbarically morphing us as a species, essentially. Why don’t we take part as well and question the customary ways of communicating emotions by changing the language? And yes, America, the world is with you.

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    1. yes.

      sorry 🤦🏻‍♀️, i saw the condensed version of your comment on my dashboard and didn’t realize it continued. forgive me.

      still, though, yes. these are emotional times. and, yes, i could certainly use more diplomatic terms. but i’m sad and i’m scared and i’m exhausted from watching the u.s. fall apart at the hands of our own government.

      however, i’ll try to do better, i will, but you’d better prepare for disappointment — you know, just in case. deal?

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      1. Deal. Please keep writing. I thank you for your sincerity.

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        1. I will. Thanks for understanding :o)

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