: how to spend a rainy day :

Every once in a while a day comes along that’s less than ideal: it’s rainy, it’s cool, it’s foggy. The kind of day better suited to gills than lungs. Everything is wet and inhospitable, but if you’ve no pressing demands, it’s undeniably perfect. Today is that day. Having absolutely nothing better to do, I spent my morning drinking coffee and changing the theme on my little blog here.

I didn’t want to change it, you know, I loved the old theme. It was simple and clean and I knew how it worked — that was the best part, we got along well. I not only knew where the buttons were, I knew what’d happen if I pushed them. It was bliss. Then WordPress came along and turned my simple little site upside down with their new editor. I don’t like their new editor; it’s a bossy, demanding, complicated disaster.

WordPress, of course, blamed every issue I had — from boundless hyphenation to oversized everything — on my poor beleaguered theme. It was retired, they said, and outdated, no longer compliant with current web technology. I had no choice in the matter, it seemed, and I resented the heavy-handedness. Their changes had rendered my site unusable, so my only option was to find a modest, inconspicuous theme to use until I find something wonderful.

You’re looking at the best I could manage and even this very basic layout wasn’t easy.

Sizing and scaling images is torment, but featured images are impossible. Where’s the text symbols thingie, where did that go? Why has the option for no image alignment disappeared? Then it hit me, who cares? I’m not being graded, I’ve no deadline, I don’t need anyone’s approval, I’m free to do whatever I want. And, right now, I want a cheeseburger.

Have a wonderful week, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Well, It sounds like you have come to terms with the WordPress masters. I have not. I am still struggling to keep me, the me that I like. My theme was from a long time ago as well so I suspect I am not too far behind you. You have adapted nicely. Maybe it is because you are younger. I am a stubborn old lady and although I usually welcome change it is usually for the better. This is not.


    1. Terms? No.

      With the new editor my old theme morphed into a deformed pituitary case. The type was enormous, images were enormouser, margins disappeared — it was painful and discouraging to look at. And since I’m already engaged in a battle-to-the-death with Adobe over payment options (they’ll no longer accept Visa gift cards in payment, just your debit card and access to your bank account) I surrendered. I can only handle so much bullshit at one time, you know?

      And now that I’ve bent my knee, I see WordPress advertising is more prominent and intrusive. I’m thinking of going commando and becoming an independent website.

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      1. Oh, I like that. You could let people like me live on your website. I suppose I could do that now. I do have my own domain but I have always wanted my old posts to reside there and never quite got a handle on how to go about that. For the record I get several emails every day wanting me to pay for my own wordpress site and to teach me classes. I gave in once an went to sign up for a class but even that was a cluster *@#$ They use UTC standard. I had to educate myself on what that was and ended up writing a blog about it. Why would I pay for something that isn’t working for me?


        1. See, that’s the thing. I pay WordPress to map my domain, whatever that means, so I think I already have my own WordPress site. If I knew html or web design, I’d cheerfully bust out on my own. But I don’t. Nor am I technology oriented. What I am is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

          I’d been considering starting a website for my greeting card / assorted nonsense bidness, but I haven’t done anything other than buy the domain name. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll try going rogue with that first. See how difficult it is under a different name? What do I have to lose, right — well, besides my mind, which I won’t miss at all.

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          1. Let me know how it goes. What greeting card bidness?


            1. Will do. I say bidness, but it’s just me making my own cards. Business sounds more legitimate than pricey hobby.

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              1. I get it. Pricey hobby/bidness can put you in the poor house. Been there done that.


  2. Right. No grade. No deadline. No pressure. Free to be✌️


    1. I’m usually too stressed out to realize there’s no reason to stress out. It was a nice break 😃


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