: in this whelmed world :

What isn’t on fire is flooding. What isn’t flooding is frying under an unrelenting sun. Or quaking. Or collapsing. Or sitting in the path of a hurricane, meteor, monsoon, typhoon, contagion, or oppressively monstrous tyranny. Pick one or many.

The world as we knew it is blowing apart all around us and where does the fault lie? Well, the glib me would very much like to blame corrupt, power mad politicians and the greedy donors who bought them, pocketing their spines and consciences forevermore. But I can’t. Here in America, we’re the dopes who elected those self-serving barnacles. The fault is ours.

Guess what, though. We can also fix this. Heck, we got rid of Sideshow Don, we can get rid of his handmaidens, too. 

How? By un-electing the overzealous seditionists who’re slithering around DC, trying to replace democracy with vast, unlimited, autocratic power. We’ve gotta send them packing. And when we do, they’ll come face to face with the same hardships and drudgery and grief they caused their constituents — minus the cushy perks they provided for themselves. No more staff to run their errands, no more chauffeurs or free gym memberships, private jets or campaign contributions. No more payoffs or kickbacks or insider trading info. No free protection services, no dark money, no admission to the halls of power.

Let them deal with a wildfire. Or floodwaters. Drought. The ever-present threat of guns. A collapsing healthcare system. Lead in their drinking water. Let’s see how they fare against the chaos they so cheerfully unleashed on all of us. They deserve a little time in the barrel, as creepy Roger Stone would say with a smirk.

Members of both Houses of Congress breeched our trust and sold their allegiance to the highest bidder, both foreign and domestic. Many who took the oath to protect and defend the United States eagerly abdicated their responsibility. The future of this democracy is now in our hands. Yours and mine. Time to step up and resolve to restore the glory with honest, ethical representation for a change.

Please, don’t despair. Because somehow, in the midst of all the calamity and sorrow, wonder yet exists. And comfort. Even occasional glimpses of hope shine through now and then. You’ll find them in books, like ‘Why Fish Don’t Exist.’ And music, such as Arvo Pärt’s ‘Spiegel Im Spiegel’. In a quiet cup of coffee. And a sweet hello. 

Just stay alert, good stuff is everywhere. And keep your chin up.

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  2. I don’t know. Perhaps I’m just not there yet. Despair seems to be my new norm.
    By the way, love the limerick.

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    1. I totally understand. I’m there until I’m not. Frankly, I’m hanging by a fingernail most of the time. While this is probably simplistic and certainly naive, it was great fun imagining the bastards being stripped of their unearned, taxpayer-funded ride on the gravy train. They’re a disgrace.

      Aren’t limericks a gas? They’re the only ‘poetry’ I understand.

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  3. Desperate and super depressed as I began reading but then lifted up to the sublime. Coffee especially. Thank you 🙏🏻

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    1. Things will work out, I’m sure of it. They might get ugly now and again, but it’s going to be fine 🤞


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