: uh-oh, computer’s down :

The damn thing swelled up like a puffer fish and I’m not kidding. The bottom bowed out and refused to lay flat on the desk. It wobbled and rocked and teetered and, frankly, looked a little explosive. I took it to the repair shop and left it for them to deal with.

So, now, I’m at loose ends. Here, in whirly world, loose ends are a one-way ticket to disaster, since I’m forced to make my own fun. I can’t hide out in the mighty sanctuary of words. Oh, no, I’m left to my own devices. Devices I’ve long suspected are trying to kill me.

So far — and it’s only been a matter of hours —  I’ve already made two very rookie mistakes:
>> I threw back way too much high octane German coffee.
>> I headed over to twitter.

Okay, if that isn’t asking for trouble, what is? I’m wired and chock-full of unfocused, overcaffeinated energy, just spoiling for a fight. Twitter is the absolute last place I should be loitering.

Books aren’t helpful, either; I can’t sit still. A bike ride could kill me. A walk has the capacity to cripple me. Just doing this, writing a post on my phone, is sending my anxiety level sky high. Are you wondering how that works? Well, I’ll tell you: it’s making me claustrophobic. 

And that’s the naked, embarrassing truth. 

The screen is tiny and choked with words. The keyboard is even tinier. And where are the images? I need images. I need a little room to breathe here. 

Ooh, I know. I’ll wander over to the new WordPress editor and launch myself right over the border into Crazytown. Please, pardon me for the unexcused absence. I hope to return soon without severe injury or felony charges. Wish me luck :o)

*The Whirly Girl copyright would go here if I knew where to find the icon or could save the document in order to go look for it.

**I cannot tell you how much I loathe this disastrous editor. Gah!

8 responses to “: uh-oh, computer’s down :”

  1. I’m so sorry! Hopefully repair will be quick. This happened to me with my previous laptop & I think all I needed was a new battery or something. Fingers crossed 🤞

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    1. It was the battery, but you can’t just replace a battery anymore. Oh, no. Not with a Mac. You have to pay a premium price for an Apple-approved battery and a $120 labor charge to pop it in. 😡


      1. I’m so sorry. Having witnessed this phenomenon on my own laptop, I must say the first paragraph of your blog is a brilliant description. It’s been almost a decade & you took me back to that moment instantly. Ingenious! Hope you’re back to work soon.

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        1. Happily, I’m up and running. Okay, that’s a lie, I’m up and stumbling around, but perfectly content. Plus, the computer isn’t all wobbly, so woohoo.

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  2. Bless you for even trying on your phone. I would not even attempt it. WordPress has become the devils hole for me. I hate it. I do not understand with all the complaints I hear/read why they don’t undo the mess they made. Please don’t disappear for too long.

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    1. I survived, but only barely. What I don’t get is why they thought blocks were a good idea? I don’t write posts on WordPress, it’s too complicated. So it’s copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste. Just a nightmare process with zero options for image editing and placement. Oy! I could use a heavy dose of muscle relaxers and a deep tissue massage.

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  3. Ah, yes, the shrinking devices … I think you may even be understating the problem here. Personally, I feel a bit cramped on a laptop, tablets definitely bring on the claustrophobia and blogging on a phone would send me to the funny farm. Long live the desktop computer, I say!

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    1. By the time I’d finished posting with the phone I was sweaty and über, über tense. It was the single most frustrating experience I’ve had in quite awhile — I even punched the screen. And you’re right, even laptops are too small, especially considering how much real estate software eats up. I’d give a couple fingers, maybe 3, for a desktop, but I can barely afford a pencil.


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