: watch your language :

You think you know people, right? Well, I didn’t and I don’t. Not anymore. 

Modern discourse took an ugly turn a few years ago and did a full embrace of crazy. Now, civility is in grave danger of being drowned out by loudmouths and crackpots. Red-faced, vein-popping outrage has taken over, f-bombs fly, and it’s worrisome. What if polite conversation goes the way of dodo birds? What if insults, accusations, and threats become the new small talk?

It could happen, you know. Charming banter is on the run, so we need to lure it right back into society. Pronto!

To that end, I went hunting around the old noggin and flushed out some words just begging to be unleashed. Words you probably know, but forgot. Old words. Unique words. Whimsical, zippy, unpretentious words. In all shapes and sizes. There are thousands of them quietly hoping for another moment in the sun. 

Look, I even assembled a short, subjective list for anyone who’s interested. I’m hoping for tons of views, to be honest, because I’m bored to tears with the same batty nonsense day after day. With luck, zillions of readers will discover a new word, fall in love with it, and begin a lifelong adventure creating memorable, inspiring repartee. It’s life-giving, you know.

We can do this, you and I. We can make language great again by moving on from covfefe and Nambia. Text massages, hear bys, and unpresidenteds. Big lies, big steals, big everythings. Just toss a couple of bon mots into any conversation and watch everyone in earshot swoon at your word skills.  

My personal favorites are flâneur and festoon. And sozzled. Apricity. Boulevardier. Tosh —oh, all of ‘em, dammit. Go ahead, start a list of your own. It’s easy to do: read more books. Get a fat dictionary and a fatter thesaurus, then pick up a copy of Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer. It’s indispensable for anyone who loves language and writing.

And thank you for joining me in the fight to save civility.

copyright © 2021 the whirly girl

13 thoughts on “: watch your language :

  1. My whimsical words bin is almost empty this morning. I just found this one at the bottom: twaddle (trivial, feeble, silly, or tedious talk or writing.) Thanks for topping me up!


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