: greetings from the rabbit hole :

Hello normal, well-adjusted people with social skills. It’s me, the genial humanlike creature who’s keeps falling down rabbit holes — lovely places where landing has neither impact nor consequences. 

To be clear, these aren’t actually a ‘fall’ in the traditional sense. That would imply an accident. My trips — no pun intended — are intentional. I give myself a running start, jump into the air, grab my knees, and do a cannonball. I look forward to disappearing with the giddy anticipation of a kid headed to Disney World. My beloved rabbit holes include the Internet, of course, but also my winter project, thesauruses, Twitter, books, illustration searches, my little website here, stuff like that. None of them lead me anywhere, but what sweet, sweet sanctuary they provide. 

The fly in the ointment is, I worry I’m crossing into addiction territory. Seriously. I sit down to work on something with a clear purpose and an intended destination in mind, then next thing I know it’s 4:00 in the morning. Or Thursday. Or October. And I didn’t get done what I sat down to do, I didn’t even come close, but wowza! The fun I had.

In my defense, the weather doesn’t exactly help. Neither does the pandemic. Or the jumping bean that passes for my brain. I call those contributing factors, don’t you? Who in their right mind wants to venture out into bitter cold where the wind conspires to flash freeze you mid-step or the pandemic lurks with malicious, evil intent to invade and overwhelm your beleaguered defenses. Not me. I like warm. I like breathing. So, I stay inside and dive down familiar, beloved rabbit holes.

They are my happy place. They are my playroom and my port in a storm and very educational, to boot. Did you know, for example,  the average person spends 41 minutes a day socializing? I didn’t. Seems high to me, but okay. Another factoid I discovered is that we’ll waste, over the course of a lifetime:

* 6 months @ stoplights
* 8 months opening junk mail
* 1 year searching for stuff we lost
* 4 years doing housework
* 5 years waiting in line
* 6 years eating

Well, what do you know? When you look at it from that perspective, rabbit holes are a perfectly acceptable, even beneficial, use of our time. Maybe I’m not so crazy, after all. Yay, and thank you for attending today’s Ted Talk. 

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13 responses to “: greetings from the rabbit hole :”

  1. I’m pretty sure my numbers are much higher than those listed. Especially the eating one. Your rabbit holes are more fun than my rabbit holes.

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    1. 😆😆 How I wish you lived next door 🤣🤣

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      1. Oh, we would be an accident waiting to happen. Heheheheh…

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        1. A bracelet I saw says, ‘we go together like drunk and disorderly.’ That sums it up nicely, I think.

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          1. Heheheheh…that’s awesome!!!


  2. “I sit down to work on something with a clear purpose and an intended destination in mind, then next thing I know it’s 4:00 in the morning. Or Thursday. Or October.”


    Great factoid list too. I’ve been meaning to time how long I spend waiting for my slow broadband connection but I keep dozing off …

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    1. That means a lot coming from you, thanks!

      You know, that’s sort of how this one started. I accidentally found a way to trim the time I spend scrolling through fonts. Which led me to wonder how much time is wasted involuntarily and, fwip, down the rabbit hole I went 😵‍💫

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      1. Fonts, aaargh, too many choices! :)

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        1. Get this, I found a button in my software that narrows the choices displayed! By opting for English, a ton of fonts Apple demands I keep are hidden. The button’s probably been there forever, but I just discovered it 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  3. You are describing my life these days…but “Oh, the places you’ll go!”


  4. That’s a perfect description of my life these days. Cyberspace is my playground, and I steer well clear of winter weather. That woman who trekked solo to the South Pole recently – Polar Preet they call her – must be the craziest person on Earth. At least, from the perspective of my cosy sofa she is.

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    1. See, that’s how far out of the loop I’ve been — I heard nothing about a solo expedition to the South Pole. Even from the perspective of a bed of nails, that’s nutz! I’d honestly pick prison over a winter hike. We’re so lucky cyberspace is climate controlled :o)

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