: getting snowed :

The last I heard, ten inches of snow had fallen since last night. More is expected tonight and tomorrow, but weathermen are notorious alarmists. I don’t trust their predictions anymore than I trust horoscopes. Even so, there’s a parking ban and just about everything is closed up tight and / or canceled — schools, churches, businesses, activities, city services, hopes, dreams, thoughts of springtime — until further notice. 

The world looks as alien and uninhabited as Neptune or Saturn, one of the gas planets, anyway. The denuded trees stand with arms raised in supplication, begging for a mercy that is not forthcoming. The streets are abandoned and snow-covered. Columns of steam rise from chimneys. No squirrels , no bunnies, no leaves or flowers. 

The only sign of life in this frozen, barren landscape is the one lone dude driving about in his little snowplow across the street in the gathering dusk. He’s been there most of the day trying to clear the unrelenting show, a thankless, futile job in extremely harsh conditions. He’s a hero above all others. I tip my hat to him.

Yet even he hasn’t been snowed as completely as I have. 

Amazon sent an email on Monday announcing the book they’d charged me for a week ago —the one that was out of stock, but in the shipping process so couldn’t be canceled — had been shipped and would arrive yesterday. It didn’t. It hasn’t. It won’t. Click on the link to track it? My account’s been closed, which they wouldn’t allow when the order was open and in the shipping process while out of stock. So, now, I can’t track their imaginary package and prove them frauds. Aarrggghh.

So. Anyone up for a little class action lawsuit?

copyright © 2022 the whirly girl

6 thoughts on “: getting snowed :

  1. I know I shouldn’t laugh at others’ misfortunes, but I find that hilarious! That more than makes up for the lady with an Indian accent telling me this morning that there are errors on my Internet line and she will tell me how to fix the problem if I just visit some website and follow her instructions.

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    1. 😆 Of course, they would. The upside is, and it’s a big one, I’m saving a ton of money by not having an amazon account. Turns out I can live without 97% of the things I didn’t think I could live without. Imagine that!

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