: an unexpected battleground :

Remember when we used to get on an elevator and everyone stared straight ahead? In awkward, uncomfortable silence? I do. I miss those days, they were good times. Quiet, peaceful, we all minded our own business then.

Or pretended to. Sure, there was an occasional sneer. A heavy sigh or two of impatient disgust. A condescending sniff of disapproval now and again. But, on the whole, people kept strictly to themselves. Confrontations were rare, outbursts were rarer, and civility was still a thing. 

No one told me the rules had changed.

I found out when I boarded the elevator loaded down with groceries. They quickly became the center of attention, a hot topic of conversation, my groceries did. People were fascinated, scanning the contents, voicing opinions, commenting on brands. I was being judged for the contents of my shopping cart. And harshly. Coca-Cola, I was told, is no match for Mountain Dew. Lays potato chips are too salty. Bananas get ripe too fast. Pepperidge Farm is too fancy. A carton of milk unleashed gagging sounds. 

Is it just me or does venturing into public feel like a never-ending episode of The Jerry Springer Show? Even libraries, thoughtful sanctuaries of knowledge staffed by the brightest, kindest, most helpful people on the planet, are under assault. In that fight, however, my money is on librarians. Mark my words, librarians will save the world. 

Okay, before I go off on another long-winded rant, I’m going to stop there. I’ll grab myself a Coke, put my feet up, and think about penguins. Have a good week.

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  1. Happily my elevator days are over!!! I will not miss that contraption one bit. We have now been here 20 days. The first 10 days I would stop by my little “covid station” conveniently placed at the front door and mask mask up and head out the door. I was delighted that there was no hall to negotiate or elevator to wait for. Wondering what nature of germ carrying neighbor would be inside the death trap when the door open. My new, friendly neighbors would wave from their lawns or driveways. It took me 10 days to realize that I was masking up to go outside and enter my car. Those waving neighbors must have thought we were crazy people!

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    1. Oh, you lucky dog! 🤢 That’s me. I’m not sick, I’m deeply and greenly envious.

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  2. My Rollercoaster Journey Avatar
    My Rollercoaster Journey

    Yes ever since covid, people have become more nosy and boisterous

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    1. They have, haven’t they? Well, in self-defense I’ve developed selective hearing and a poker face. nert nert nert


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