: who should I believe :

My eyes or common sense? I’m suspicious of both, since neither one is reliable.

See, I recently received a couple of ‘likes’ on my twitter account from someone purporting to be David Letterman. Remember him? The guy from Late Night — Stupid Pet Tricks, Top Ten lists, Larry “Bud” Melman — that David Letterman, the famous one. 

I want to believe my eyes, but how can I? My twitter account is a wallflower, it doesn’t attract celebrities with millions of fans. So, I squint at the notification until I’m cross-eyed, looking for signs of doctoring or a typo, anything weird, but it looks totally legit.

Common sense says otherwise. 

The odds of an Emmy award-winning, Kennedy Center-honoree dropping by my twitter account aren’t just long, they’re lottery winning-esque. About one in ten thousand trillion or thereabouts.

In the world today, there are 300 million twitter accounts shooting off 500 million tweets every day and the average tweeter has 700 followers. Me? I have one account and 45 (+ / -) followers. You do the math. Not even Indiana Jones could find me on twitter.

There has to be a plausible explanation, right? Wrong. This is a flipping miracle, pure and simple. All I need to know is David Letterman sent me, the whirly girl, a couple likes for things I wrote. Is that so impossibly farfetched? Yes, but I’m going with it, anyway.

I’m also walking on air and glowing like a bug light. Explain that. I’m defying gravity and the laws of physics. Life is full of mysteries. And great big, gobsmacking surprises.

copyright © 2022 the whirly girl

PS. Please, no spoilers. I don’t want to know if it wasn’t the real Dave.

6 responses to “: who should I believe :”

  1. Believe me when I tell you, it is real.

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    1. Okay, but bear with me me, it’s gonna take a while.

      There’s an unexpected upside to this, you know. I’ve had to let go of my other obsessions in order to focus on this one. It’s a refreshing change :o)

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  2. David Lee Moser Avatar
    David Lee Moser

    My daughter was telling me the other day about “fake” Twitter accounts and how easy there were to create. But I, like you, choose to believe yours is the real thing.

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    1. The good news is, I’m a cynic. I look at everything on the Internet with a gimlet eye. But a ‘like?’ How can that be a scam? So until someone steps forward and says April Fool, it was the genuine, honest-to goodness Dave. I think. 🤞


  3. Very cool! I’m a believer; recently I watched his interview with Billy Eilish, and to see the way they connected… it makes total sense that he would connect with you.

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    1. I don’t have cable or a streaming service, so I’m way out of the loop. If his Netflix show ever comes out on dvd, though, I’m on it. ‘Scuse me — yoohoo, Netflix, what are you waiting for? Thanks for boosting my confidence :o)


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