: the resolution to end all resolutions :

Forget the poetic aphorisms. Forget the smarmy clichés. What the world needs is a straightforward, practical New Year’s resolution. Something to make life a little less painful. And whaddya know? I came up with one:

Quit carrying pushpins in your pockets.

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, I arranged bulletin boards. Today, the day after, one thigh is dotted with dozens of tiny pinprick-sized scabs, like bee stings — except it wasn’t bees. It was the sharp, pointy things I’d filled my pockets with stabbing me repeatedly as I worked and climbed stairs and bent over to grab things off the floor.

After an hour of ow, ow, ow, OW, ow, ow, a very welcome 2023 Resolution landed in my brain pan: take the damn pushpins out of your pocket! And I’m passing it along to you as a public service. For those of you who’re wondering, yes, I’m a slow learner.

In completely unrelated news, construction on the new site continues. Albeit slowly. Why didn’t anyone warn me there’s a NEW, new Editor and it’s being beta tested? I was confused and out of my league before. Now? I’ve pulled out most of my hair. And look around. It’s a cold, barren, personality-free wasteland squared. What I wouldn’t give for drag and drop technology!

Please be patient. It will get better. Everywhere.

Happy New Year, World.

copyright © 2023 the whirly girl

6 responses to “: the resolution to end all resolutions :”

  1. Happy New Year, WhirlyGirl! May it be pushpin in the pocket free.

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    1. Happy New Year to you, my dear!

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  2. Happy new year! 🥳
    Love the snow globe of peace 🙏🏻

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    1. 🥂Here’s to you!
      I’ve decided to focus on today. Every day. It’s more manageable :o)


    1. How nice, thanks. Happy and Merry to you‼️


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