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I ♥️ language. In all its sweeping grandeur.

Did you know some experts, but not all, estimate the English language includes more than a million words? Dictionaries, however, contain somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000. Most adult native-speakers of English have a vocabulary somewhere in the 20,000 — 30,000 word range.

Think about that. A million + / – words, 200,000 of which are in common use, and we only use 10% of those. Clearly, we have some catching up to do. Let’s start here, at the whirly girl. Since you’re busy people, and I’m not, I’ll happily take on the task of finding the buried treasures that have fallen out of use. I found a bunch of ’em hiding under the covers in their hibernacle (a place where an animal or human hibernates) just the other day. I swear, I felt like a lottery winner.

So when circumstances warrant or I’m stuck for a topic, I’ll pop by with a new and delightful word for you. We can all use a smile or a snerdle (a snuggle) now and again. Let’s start now. With a smile.

Today’s Word:

While it brings to mind an elegant, overpriced champagne for the sniffy set, such as Cristal or Veuve Clicquot, it is not. Snottinger is a handkerchief. Or, more familiarly, a hankie, the thing you blow your nose into.

How to use in a sentence:

‘As the ship carrying her beloved sailed toward a far distant shore, she lifted her snottinger in heartbroken farewell.’

Next stop? A template for our new feature here Wish me luck.

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6 responses to “[ word of the moment ]”

  1. I have allergies & need to carry tissue in my pockets at all times. But when I forget to remove them they get shredded in the washer & dryer. So I purchased stacks of the fabric kind, multiple colors & designs. I’m a proud collector of snottingers 🤧

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    1. I do that at least twice a month. But one brand stays intact and is ready to use again after the trip through the dryer. I can never remember which brand, though. Might be Puffs or Puffs Plus 🤷🏻‍♀️


  2. ‘Snottinger’ sounds, well, snotty, to me. But ‘hibernacle’ is brilliant! I am going to teach that one to my spellchecker.

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    1. Yay! What I want to know is, how did these words fall out of use? How?


  3. That is an antique word that is worthy of rehabilitation…

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s now my second favorite word, right behind apricity (warmth from the winter sun). Please pass them on and thanks for stopping by :o)

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