[ trump as a life hack ]

Energy is finite and attention spans are fleeting. Unfortunately, you need plenty of both to tackle unpleasant or tedious household chores and do them well.

Cleaning the toilet, for instance, is an especially nasty task, requiring effort and lots of elbow grease.   If you’re anything like me, you go heavy on the toilet cleaner, make a quick swipe with the toilet brush, give it a flush, and you’re done. Germs and bacteria, however, flourish in that type of environment. It’s standing room only.

So try this next time: as you squirt toilet cleaner into the bowl, think of Donald J. Trump, former presidential impersonator. Think of his many seditious activities, his status as a foreign asset, his deadbeat freeloading, the fraud and cavalier disregard for the truth. Then begin scrubbing.

I did. And my toilet has never been cleaner or gleamed as brightly. 

It was simple serendipity that led me to this extraordinary life hack. A simple serendipity that was practically staring me in the face, considering how obsessed Trump is with toilets. Remember how bitterly he complained about low water pressure and weak, ineffective flushes? Well, a thorough scrubbing won’t dispose of secret documents and criminal evidence  but your fury will provide all the strength you need to turn your bathroom into a sparkling clean, fresh smelling paradise. It’s downright liberating.

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12 responses to “[ trump as a life hack ]”

  1. Your life hack is brilliant ! For cat owners may I suggest we apply the same hack to cleaning litter boxes?

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  2. Ha, you’ve given me an idea for a punchbag! I actually have a toilet brush with a handle like Boris Johnson (our version of DT) and bristles like his hair. Link here: https://m.psecn.photoshelter.com/img-get/I00009X8MvtGv4z4/t/200/I00009X8MvtGv4z4.jpg

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    1. That’s brilliant, Dave!! Let me know when you have the punchbag. I’d love to buy one :o)


      1. I think the DT toilet brush is also available …

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        1. I think I’d prefer the punchbag 😃

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            1. 🤣 I love this! Thank you!!!

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  3. Well, now I have no excuses. I guess I better get at it. I’ll be in the bathroom if you need me.

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    1. Be careful. You’ll find strength you didn’t know you had, so be sure to stop short of loosening the fittings.

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  4. Oh !! Haaaa! I am
    Going to try that!!

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    1. Have at it, Celi! It’s not only therapeutic, it’s hygienic :o)


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