[ a travel guide for introverts ]

My initial idea here, more of a germ, really, was to create a bare-bones list of my favorite destinations, places whose solace I seek when I’m whelmed — which is often. And do it in the style of a travel guide, like Fodor’s or Michelin. So I powered up the computer, opened a document, typed in a working title, and waited. Fingers poised above the keyboard. But I couldn’t marshal my thoughts and my arms got tired of hovering, so I went to the kitchen for coffee.  

That’s what happens when an idea is in development; I can’t sit still. I have to move. So I pace. I dust. I sharpen pencils, rearrange, straighten, anything mindless that involves movement. When I’m really stuck, I leash the dog and go for a walk. Being in motion, for some reason, is like clearing the cache. It focuses and sharpens the mind.

It worked like a charm, this time, anyway. Standing at the sink, water sloshing and steam fogging my glasses, my lightbulb moment arrived. You see, my list of travel destinations was atypical at best, boring at worst. Unless. 

Unless …

Unless you’re a tongue-tied, socially awkward, high-anxiety introvert. We have our own comfort zones and they aren’t luxury resorts. They’re quiet, peaceful oases, sanctuaries for when the world gets too loud or too clamorous, too demanding. The truth is, it’s exhausting trying to fit in all the time — keeping your feet out of your mouth and being congenial is hard work for many of us. We need a breather. We need to disappear into ourselves and restore the calm. So we seek shelter in unexpected getaways and bolt-holes, they offer us respite. See below for a condensed list or feel free to come up with your own happy places.

I hope this helps you navigate the tough times we all face. Try to remember: this, too, shall pass. And happy trails.

copyright © 2023 the whirly girl

8 responses to “[ a travel guide for introverts ]”

  1. My “sanctuaries” seem to be fewer and fewer all the time. Their availability declines in direct proportion to how my need increases. Music always helps.

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    1. Books, too. And sunshine. A shot or three of Jack Daniels now and then. Hand in there, kiddo, I’m with you all the way.

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      1. Yeah, Scotch is key for me.

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        1. Here’s to you … 🥃🥃

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  2. That describes me to a ‘T’. And, funnily enough, I’m meeting a friend tomorrow when we’ll sit in his music room, escape the world and its hubbub, and listen to songs on the subject of “Birds of a Feather”. 🦆🐥🦢🦩 …

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    1. Oh, my, that sounds perfect. You know, I’ve suspected we’re alike all along and now I know we are. I find that comforting, for some reason :o)

      PS. Enjoy yourselves 🎶🎶


  3. You just described me.

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    1. 🙃 Birds of a feather 👯‍♀️


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