meet the typist

Hi! That’s me, I’m the typist. I used to be a copywriter / producer in advertising, but that was a paying job. This is strictly for the fun of inventing with words.

These days, I call myself a typist because it’s an accurate description of my role here. I don’t use a pencil much or a pen, either, for that matter. When I do write something — like a check or a grocery list — my penmanship skills have deteriorated so badly I’m forced to print. Like a first grader. How, in good conscience, can I call myself a writer? Well, I can’t — it’s misleading. Besides, typist is a unique title, very outré, and I’m proud to claim it. 

I still go by the whirly girl, though. 

You’d think, after all this time, I’d have nothing left to type about. Frankly, I’ve wondered the same thing. Do I? Let’s find out, shall we? Let’s put me to the test. I promise, if I get even a whiff of of stale, hackneyed work, I’ll quit typing altogether and slink away into night. I mean it, I don’t do mundane.

I do the ill-advised. The self-incriminating. The where-did-that-come-from? That’s where the fun is. And as long as I can keep flirting with disaster, I’ll have plenty of great stuff to type about.

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