• : do americans deserve democracy? :

    Here it is, 4:05 in the morning and I can’t find the ‘off’ switch on my brain. It’s wide awake and in overdrive. You see, I fear for Ukraine and, at the same time, I marvel at their single-minded resolve. Although they’re outnumbered and under-equipped, they’ve mounted a united and fearless defense against a power-hungry […]

  • : greetings from the rabbit hole :

    Hello normal, well-adjusted people with social skills. It’s me, the genial humanlike creature who’s keeps falling down rabbit holes — lovely places where landing has neither impact nor consequences.  To be clear, these aren’t actually a ‘fall’ in the traditional sense. That would imply an accident. My trips — no pun intended — are intentional. […]

  • : ambushed :

    By a surprise attack from Barnes & Noble. One I never saw coming.  Here’s how it went down: After donating blood yesterday, I decided to reward myself with a new book and a caramel macchiato. It wasn’t exactly a snap decision. I debated against it vigorously, pointing out a number of things I need more […]

  • : the stillness of Christmas :

    I don’t pretend to be smart. There’s much in this world I don’t understand and can’t explain, especially physics, that’s way out of my league. But I am alert and somewhat observant, perfectly capable of noticing the real, everyday stuff of life. I can, in fact, distinguish reality from fantasy in a heartbeat. And there’s […]

  • : I need some lucky shoes :

    We all do, I suppose. These are unusually trying times; missteps and hostility abound and I’m beyond worried. Originally, I’d planned for this post to be about winter and the danger its slick, icy conditions present to stumblebums such as myself. I just can’t afford another broken leg (hip, if you want to be a […]