: this isn’t about politics, anymore :

This is about sanity. Boycotts and threats and malicious disinformation abound; hatred, backlash, and vengeance are the new order of the day. What is going on? We need to get a grip and soon. Kellogg’s, provider of Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes, is the newest addition to an ever-growing list of targets. Know why? They pulled their … Continue reading : this isn’t about politics, anymore :

: a tutorial on punctuation day :

Be honest. Doesn’t the exclamation mark look like a middle finger there? Sorry, it wasn’t intentional, but that’s what happens when you use lurid punctuation. Welcome to National Punctuation Day. And on this very auspicious occasion, please allow me to relate a cautionary tale. One that involves the misuse of the little marks with the … Continue reading : a tutorial on punctuation day :

: the trouble with advertising? :

Advertisers. They’re candy-asses. And agencies are just as guilty, they’re the enablers. They let clients neuter brilliant, powerful, effective ideas into lame crap, then apologize when the campaigns fail. Anything for a buck, that’s the new industry motto, I think. Creative standards have vanished, crushed under the weight of relentless testing and measuring and metrics. … Continue reading : the trouble with advertising? :