: if I should die before I wake :

Good luck, because I haven’t prepared. There’s no last will and testament, no burial instructions, no poignant, heart-rending farewell, no nothing. It’s all loose ends and unfinished business. Someone's gonna have to wing it. Wait, that’s wrong, I made one final provision: I selected an obituary photo. I’ll entrust that little detail to nobody since it … Continue reading : if I should die before I wake :

: I brake for plastic bags :

Autumn, as you know, is hard upon us. Tragically, that means squirrel deaths are on the rise. This is their busy season, a time when every waking thought is about nuts and nut-related activities. The finding, the gathering, the hiding, the eating. Traffic safety doesn’t enter the equation. Squirrels don’t look before crossing, they jaywalk like maniacs, … Continue reading : I brake for plastic bags :