: how to spot a great image :

Design Advice from a Writer: the first in a one-part series. You have a strong urge to run, don't you? Totally understandable. Advice, especially the unsolicited variety, is always unwelcome. Besides, I’m utterly unqualified, so why should you listen to me? Well, you shouldn’t, obviously. But lately, I’ve noticed certain things routinely catch my eye … Continue reading : how to spot a great image :

: true junk culture :

What do you know? Life still has a few surprises up its sleeve. Shopping carts, for example. In the right hands, those rolling, shimmying stainless steel contraptions become absolutely stunning works of art. Bright, shiny, functional furniture. Minimalist showpieces. The right hands, in this case, belong to Dutch designer Etienne Reijnders. He describes himself as … Continue reading : true junk culture :