: consider yourselves warned, buckos :

Over the course of my life, I’ve been propositioned, manhandled, flashed, molested, drugged, threatened, and harassed. By hormonal clods, such as the Supreme Court nominee. I chose to ignore these episodes and move on because I didn't want to deal with the indignity of reporting them or confronting them or giving them the time of … Continue reading : consider yourselves warned, buckos :

: okay, remind me, who are the terrorists? :

Is it me or do the last 3+ months seem like a thinly veiled government program to rid the country of undesirables?  First, it was immigrants, then environmental protections and climate science, now they’ve moved on to the sick and elderly and disabled. Is this the GOP thinning the herd, creating an all-white, all-wealthy America? This … Continue reading : okay, remind me, who are the terrorists? :

: surviving a weaponized Liberace :

The constant drama and bomb-throwing; the tastelessness and ostentation; the hair-proud flamboyance; the glittery distractions. It’s too much stress for me. So I’m in a self-imposed exile from the Internet and television and DJT. I’m simply worn out. The fuming over foolishness I can’t stop and can’t possibly fathom is too exhausting. If the last … Continue reading : surviving a weaponized Liberace :

: he’ll do for America what he did for the GOP :

Donald Trump will bring this country to its knees. The dude’s made no contribution to anything; he hasn’t served in the military (five deferments: four for college and one for, get this, bad feet), doesn’t pay taxes, stiffs creditors and employees for personal gain, lashes out wildly at perceived snubs and slights -- both real … Continue reading : he’ll do for America what he did for the GOP :