: waiting for an idea to go by :

Sorry I'm late, but ideas aren’t like German trains; they don’t run on a strict schedule. What am I saying? Ideas don’t follow any stinking schedule, they’re thoughtless renegades, totally feral. And I love them to pieces.  Unfortunately, they’ve stood me up more often than not. The experience is always painful and embarrassing, of course, … Continue reading : waiting for an idea to go by :

: an unlikely sanctuary :

A bus bench is hardly your typical refuge. To the well-adjusted, they’re a basic necessity, but not quite a full-fledged convenience. They’re unyielding and unforgiving with hard, sharp angles and don't offer much protection from the elements -- wind, rain, snow, blistering sunshine, frigid cold, chatty seatmates. There's nothing plush or even restful about parking … Continue reading : an unlikely sanctuary :